A community building experience

We recently attended a “Savor Eldorado“ which I can describe as a “community building“ experience in an Eldorado home. The attendees were our Eldorado neighbors! There was music, food and an opportunity to hear from one of our resident artists. The best part of the experience was meeting and exchanging stories about our lives.
—Charlene & Bruce Cebell

Great opportunity to meet new friends…

We’ve hosted Savor Eldorado twice now & love it! Everyone has been so appreciative of this great opportunity to meet new friends, enjoy local musical talent, artwork, food & conversation! Hope has done such an amazing job of organizing this event, both times have been the easiest parties I’ve ever hosted… just clean your house in advance & everything else is done for you!🤗👍
—Elaine & Art Kaiser
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Relaxed home and patio settings…

As new transplants from Santa Cruz, California, we couldn’t be more pleased to have been invited to join in Savor Eldorado. We have met the most engaging neighbors, and have formed friendships that we know will last a long time. It’s so fun to meet in totally relaxed home and patio settings, sharing food, art, and music. We can’t think of an easier way for social get togethers, and conversation. We look forward to many more.
—Fred and Linda McPherson

I met people who are good friends today.

I moved to Eldorado about two months before my first Savor. As an introvert who knew no one,  I thought it would take ages to meet folks. I reluctantly pushed myself to attend one of the parties because I was interested in the work of the featured artist, knowing I could bail if it wasn’t “my cup of tea”. But I was astonished by the energy and friendly atmosphere. I felt very welcome and the food was fantastic.  I met people there who are good friends today. It was lovely and a perfect way to get a taste of this amazing community that we live in. I highly recommend it for people who are new to Eldorado- it’s great fun!
—Susan Faust