About Savor Eldorado

savor living roomNote from Hope Kiah: I welcome you to Savor Eldorado, where neighbors enjoy local music, art & each other, in private homes. 

This project is helping me give back to my community after working as a web designer (and lately playing music) in Eldorado, since 2001. This website was my first fun task. Thank you to Gila Joy Pascale for getting Savor Eldorado started in 2017. 

In 2018, I produced five Savor events, and they’ve all been amazing, with large attendance, beautiful music and inspiring art. Many newcomers have been attending and it’s a joy to see their community take shape so easily. After moving to Eldorado in 2001 and designing websites out of my home office all this time, it’s thrilling to escape my bubble and meet more of the community. We are blessed with fabulous musicians and artists, and generous hosts who have been pure joy to work with!

We now have the generous help of Kay Castelle and Gary Stoller as our raffle-masters and treasurers. The plan is to start saving all extra cash and, inspired by the Eldorado Arts and Crafts Association, donate it over time to:

  • El Dorado Fire & Rescue
  • Vista Grande Public Library
  • Ken & Patty Adams Senior Center
  • Santa Fe Search & Rescue
  • El Dorado school Art Department

Thank you to Savor founder Gila Joy Pascale for agreeing to temporarily house our 4 boxes of folding chairs. We are looking for someone to take over their storage. Is it you? More info here.

My hope is to expand Savor Eldorado to include all generations of artists, musicians and attendees. I’m in touch with the music and art departments at the Eldorado Community School. Do you know of a talented young Eldorado musician or artist? Would you like to host an event? Some of our elders are excellent musicians and artists. Are you one? Do you know someone? Contact me! Let’s have fun!