A Few Pics from 11/17 at Cynthia & Linda’s

Honestly, these parties are awesome. Thanks so much to Kay Castelle for the photos, to Cynthia Bargman and Linda Armantrout for hosting us in their stunning home, to Linda for sharing her gorgeous art, and to all of you who attended with your delicious food and drink! It was a joy to see all the regulars and to meet the many newcomers. Jim and I had a total blast playing music for you. Are you interested in hosting? Contact Hope! Remember, we can limit the number of RSVPs to your comfort level. This is about community!

We are maxed out for the 11/17 Potluck!

Floyd, Cynthia & Linda

Greetings, Savor Eldoradoans! We are filled up for this Sunday’s potluck. The RSVP form is closed.

This year has been a blast. Thank you all for your attendance and support. Thanks to Destiny Allison’s La Tienda newsletter, Cynthia Bargman and Linda Armantrout attended our September party at Max Todd and Ron Paredes’ home. They have been thrilled to move to the Eldorado Community and welcome you to their home and studio.

Linda has been painting professionally since 1988. Her work will be on display and available for sale. Cynthia has been making gold leafed and contemporary frames for the paintings almost that long. Together they helped start the East Boulder County Studio Tour in Colorado. People have been gathering for art and music events in their homes for decades. They look forward to continuing the fun with you in their Eldorado home.

Please come, meet your neighbors, and enjoy our home. During Savor Eldorado, select artwork will be discounted up to 50%.”

—Linda & Cynthia & Floyd

See some of Linda’s work below, and check out her website.

As usual, this party will be a potluck/BYOB and the raffle will be for $100, with extra proceeds going to run the organization and hopefully donations to local organizations! (We thought we’d get to the donations sooner but then needed to pay for hosting of the website. It will happen!)

Cynthia and Linda have requested that I play music with Jim Harlan for this event and we plan to be there. See a recent clip of our music here. 

A Few Pics from 9/29 at Ron and Max’s

What fun as usual! Thanks so much to Max and Ron for hosting and to all of you who attended, purchasing raffle tickets and bringing delicious food. Thanks to Angel Wynn for sharing and selling her art, and to Kay and Gary for continuing on as our faithful treasurers and raffle-masters!  Congrats to Gary Moran for winning the $100 bill. Please follow this link to sign up for Angel’s mailing list.

Time to RSVP for Sunday 9/29

Wait til you see this amazing home…

Please join us at the Savor Eldorado upcoming potluck September 29, 3pm to 6pm! Max Todd and Ron Paredes are our hosts. Max will play their beautiful piano. Angel Wynn will be the featured artist. See her work here.

Plan to bring a dish or side dish and BYOB. Please RSVP now >>

Here are a few of Max’s originals:

A Few Pics from 8/25 at Marna & Chuck’s

What a sweet time we had! This Savor Eldorado community is gelling very nicely. It’s delightful to see the relationships forming as neighbors get to know one another. Remember, everyone is welcome! Andy Mason was the perfect musician for our event and I got to sit in which was super fun. Marna sold a painting and two spirit poles and we all got to enjoy Chuck’s beautiful sculptures. The food was awesome. Anybody out there want to host the next one? It’s an easy, easy potluck. Contact Hope!

Thanks to Chuck for the photos below. If any of you took pics or videos that you’d like to submit for the website, please send them to savorhope at gmail dot com. Thanks!