Who would like to inherit Savor Eldorado?

Greetings, Savor Eldoradoans! I hope this finds you well and enjoying the amazing moisture we’ve been receiving. I wish I could say that I’m announcing another party but no such luck. After a pandemic-induced sabbatical from Savor, as well as my recent retirement from web design, I see how much I enjoy trimming down my obligations. Spending time with Thom, playing a little music, riding my ebike and walking our new beautiful rescue dog is just about right. So I’m saying farewell to this fun endeavor.

Is anybody interested in taking over? If you are, let me know! I could give you the keys to the Mailchimp newsletter. You probably don’t even need the website but you’d be welcome to take it over as well. Give me a ring and we can talk it over. 505-920-2256

Thanks for being so generous, open-hearted and fun over the years!


“Bounce” is our new boy from the Santa Fe Shelter. Thom named him after gifting him to Hope for her birthday in January. The best present she ever got!

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