Promising COVID Stats for Our Zip

Hello friends. I miss seeing you all at the parties! On the other hand, by avoiding gatherings we’re doing great as a community in preventing the spread of COVID. We’re not perfect, but in general as far as I can see, masks are worn, distances are maintained and hands are washed. I’m proud of us! Let’s keep it up.

Special request: As many of you have seen after my last mailing, I am super slow with email these days. It’s truly awesome to hear from you, and it would be sweet if instead of (or in addition to) sending an email, you could use the LEAVE A REPLY field below so that all of us can engage and I am less likely to miss it. Choose Notify me of new comments via email if you want. And please don’t take it personally if I’m negligent in my replies.


I like looking up the stats every so often. You can do so here. The 87508 zip code has a population of about 20k with 54 recorded cases which represents 0.27 % of our entire zip code population. That’s great! On the other hand, we have a good friend about a mile from us that came very close to passing from the virus, so we’re super careful. I trust you are too.

In looking at our zip code, I’m amazed at how spacious it is. Pretty much everything in Santa Fe south of I25 and north of Lamy is in our zip. Who knew?

Click here to see a large version

As we enter into cooler days, I wish you all comfy warm homes, plenty of books and movies, beautiful walks or bike rides, and safe socializing. Thom and I are doing well. Even while we deal with the challenges of aging, we are able to feed our bodies and pay our bills without stress. Not so for SO MANY. I have finally started monthly donations to the Food Depot Covid fund.

If you pray, let’s pray together for all the small businesses, laid off workers, teaching professionals, students, working parents, health care heroes, people who have lost loved ones, homeless, and all those suffering or recovering from the virus. We lost Harry Burney, the beautiful man who sang at our 2003 wedding in Virginia. Sail on, Harry! Thank you for your amazing voice and your passionate soul.

Harry Burney

6 thoughts on “Promising COVID Stats for Our Zip

  1. Nice to hear from you Hope. It is a trying time for us all, but we are looking forward to better days. We still want to host one of the Savor Eldorado gatherings. We will step up when the time is right and you know best how to proceed. Stay safe, stay masked and stay moving forward.



    Thanks Hope for the newsletter..Yes it has been a difficult time, but I still have amazing neighbors that help me when I need someone..I also am a sr. and find I do need more assistance as my Husband is in Assisted living and I am now alone for the first time ever..
    Some days it is more difficult but on my walks I see neighbors, our amazing skies and Mts, and really feel content and lucky to be living in Eldorado.


  3. Nicolette Lambden

    Lovely to hear from you and that you and Tom are doing well. We are fine and keeping busy.
    A friend (who is also Welsh) and I have passed the last 3 mths involved in a dog rescue outfit and I have fostered 2 wonderful dogs which has been rewarding. As Ian and I have missed the dogs we usually look after for friends and neighbours. How ab out Tom? People are now beginning to move around more but not us with me having COPD have to be extra careful so stick to gardening and hiking. The summer has been wonderful, but HOT and the cooling fall weather will be welcome. Take care and look forward to a Savor party. It wil be supendous. xxx Nicky


    1. Gosh Nicky. Am I slow or what? I’m glad to hear you and Ian are, or were, okay. Still good? It’s lovely that you’re fostering dogs. That’s awesome. Thom and I are fine, thank you. Grateful for so many things like Medicare, a warm home, beautiful places to walk, Zoom, and having each other. Happy holidays to you, and all our Savor friends.


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