Let’s Share!

Greetings dear Savor Eldoradoans. I miss you! I hope that this sheltering time feels as good as it possibly can for each of you. Like so many, I’m doing some cleaning and organizing. I just came across Linda McPherson’s business card. Sadly, we canceled the party at her and Fred’s home due to COVID. But it occurred to me that we could start sharing our creative  works, just like we did at the parties, online. Would you like me to send out a newsletter featuring your work? I’m happy to start doing this, monthly-ish. All I need from you is:

  • a description,
  • half a dozen photos and,
  • ideally a link to your website or social media page.

Please contact me if you’re interested. I’m also open to recommendations for other artists/craftspeople whose work you follow and/or purchase. Ask them to send me the same information listed above, along with your name as the referrer. Priority will go to Savor attendees who have not yet shared their work.

In this spirit, I’m happy to promote Linda McPherson this month. Here are some shots of her wraps and ponchos. You can place orders at Linda’s website.


Blessings to all of you! I wish you safety and health. Let me know if there’s anything helpful for me to share with the group. And please feel free to add comments below so we can hear from each other.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Share!

  1. Linda McPherson

    This was very thoughtful of you Hope. Thanks for the extra shout out. I’ve been knitting up a storm during the stay at home time. Thank goodness I have my knitting. Fred and I look forward to taking a turn and hosting the gathering. If anyone else wants to set up some of their art at the Savor Eldorado when it’s at our home, I would be more than pleased. Let’s ponder this idea more. Thanks again for your note and kind words.


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