Does this meme ring painfully true for you, while making you smile? I hope I’m not being insensitive but it cracks me up!

It’s time to check in with my Savor Eldorado peeps. How are you doing? Need anything? Let me know, okay? Maybe I can help or at least put the word out.

I have some fun news to share virtually here and physically at our next party, whenever that may be… After the last super fun gathering at the Kaisers, treasurer Kay Castelle informed me that we were in the black. Then Savorians Julie Mann and Anne Percival inspired me to upgrade from plastic cups to actual wine glasses. This got me excited about a logo, so I set to work. Julie had some great feedback and we placed the order!

wine glass with logo

I’m dying to open the recently delivered box but sadly, it will live in our shed until any COVID traces are surely gone. But for now I can give you an idea of how these little 12 oz stemless glasses will look. What do you think? Feel free to comment below. I miss you all and look forward to a toast as soon as it’s safe. Blessings to you and all your beloveds. May we all ride this wave in strength, well-being and a deepened appreciation for everything we may have taken for granted.




13 thoughts on “Meanwhile…

  1. Carol Swagerty

    Love the logo! Great job! I have only been to the one event at the Kaisers but enjoyed it very much and I was looking so forward to more as a new homeowner in Eldorado! The coronavirus has put a screeching halt to our fun for now but we will be patient for more!!

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    1. Interesting idea! I thought of selling them but at this point the plan is to bring them to the parties for re-use. That way no one else has to remember their glass. Julie Mann has offered to be the wine glass-master. Our team is growing!


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