1/26 was Fabulous – Some Pics

Happy New Year dear Eldorado Savorians! Our first potluck/BYOB of the decade was awesome.  Once again, Elaine and Art Kaiser kindly opened up their beautiful home. The place was packed and it was thrilling to meet so many new neighbors! Thanks to everyone who attended, bringing amazing food, drink and camaraderie. Thanks to Robert Miller for his very cool recycled assemblages and to Cowboy Scott Connors for his fun fun music.

Here are some pics from the party by Marilyn Jennings, Kay Castelle and myself.

Our artist Robert Miller shared his recycled assemblages:

Elaine and Art recommended Cowboy Scott Connors for our background music and he said yes! I heard him at the Chili Line in Lamy and liked him very much. He was great and I had a blast joining him on a few tunes. Here’s a clip from youtube:

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Thanks to all who expressed concern over my husband Thom’s dehydration event at the party. He bounced back quickly and we’re grateful he didn’t need a trip to the ER. You were all lovely! Drink water everybody!

8 thoughts on “1/26 was Fabulous – Some Pics

    1. Hi Susan, I’m glad you’re coming! You’re not the only one who missed the message above saying that the RSVP form will open up next week, so I bolded it. You will get a notification when it’s running. I look forward to getting everybody’s RSVPs then and filling up the room with new and old friends.


  1. Linda McPherson

    Hello Hope, We’re going to be away so will miss the fun event at Art and Elaines’. So sorry, We’ll look forward to the next one. Fred and Linda


  2. Jean Grehan

    Hope, looking forward to sat…we moved to eldoradoNm a year ago…& looking forward to meeting new folks!! Such a friendly community!


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