Time to RSVP for 8/25 at Marna & Chuck’s!

andyMasonPlayingWe have another fun party coming up on Sunday 8/25 at Marna Zanoff & Chuck Boxwell‘s house from 3-6 pm. The RSVP form and invitations are now active. Please submit your RSVP using the link below. This is a pot luck. Plan to bring finger food and your drink of choice. We are featuring singer/songwriter Andy Mason. You may have heard him at the Lamy Woodstock event, or at the Farmer’s Market. He’s really good. Listen on his website.

RSVP HERE NOW >> You will receive directions and information.

Marna Zanoff is an “acrylic abstract painter” who loves playing with color, texture and shapes. Her spirit poles add color and interest to any yard. They sway in the wind and each is different. See her website.

Samples of Marna’s work:


Chuck Boxwell explores form, flow, and space by sculpturing natural stone, working in alabaster, limestone, and marble from around the world. Drawing on is knowledge as an Architect, and experience as an Underwater Photographer, he creates unique objects incorporating shape, movement, and texture.  He enjoys the complexity and planning required to successfully carve a concept into the stone.  This form of three dimensional art is challenging as you can only “take away from” rather than “add to.”

Samples of Chuck’s work:


RAFFLE: Every $10 suggested donation gets 2 raffle tickets, making you eligible to win a $100 bill. The drawing will be held at about 5:00 pm. Must be present to win.

EXTRA: You are invited to join Hope Kiah and Jim Harlan for acoustic guitar, vocals and improv flute at Eldorado Upper Crust on Friday 8/30. Read more here. 

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