1/20 Savor is Booked

Savor friends, we are booked up for the upcoming Savor Eldorado event at Elaine and Art Kaiser’s home, on Sunday 1/20 from 3pm to 6pm. Sorry if you missed the RSVP option in time. These parties are filling up fast – less than 2 days in this case. You need to get on the mailing list to be notified first. There will be a waiting list form for the next events.

RAFFLE: Every $10 suggested donation gets 2 raffle tickets, making you eligible to win a $100 bill. The drawing will be held at about 5:30 pm. Must be present to win. Thanks again to Kay and Gary for becoming the official treasurers in addition to being our raffle-masters! We are thrilled to start saving extra raffle money to donate to local organizations. More about that as the money comes in.

Note from Hope: Great news! We have an artist and a musician for this event. To keep the creative contributions flowing, I have opened the field to artists and musicians beyond the borders of Eldorado. This Sunday we have a local musician who often plays at restaurants in town: Dadou Romanovsky on accordion. We also have Cyndi Harlan showing her paintings, including many of her small 4″x4″ pieces. I love her little abstracts!!

Some of Cyndi Harlan’s 4″ x 4″ abstract paintings

Would you like to host the February party, or beyond? Please contact Hope. It’s fun! And remember, it’s a potluck so not a huge project.

GREAT NEWS! We have a chair-master. Henrietta Jacobs is going to store and transport the four boxes of folding chairs for Savor Eldorado. We are very grateful to Anita Shultz (check out her jewelry) who has patiently stored the chairs in her garage for the last couple years.

EXTRA: You are invited to join Hope Kiah and Jim Harlan for Americana acoustic guitar, vocals and improv flute at Upper Crust in Eldorado on Friday 2/1. Read more here. 

2 thoughts on “1/20 Savor is Booked

  1. Marilyn Shaw

    Hi Hope, if you should get a cancellation fir the 1/20 Savor Eldorado, my husband and I would love to come. We thought we would be out of town that day, but plans changed.
    Marilyn Shaw

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