A Few Pics from 10/28 at the Weissman’s

chairs all set up
Look how Al & Donna prepared!

First things first: Save this date for the next Savor Eldorado at Evie Gauthier’s: 11/18. More about this soon.

What an amazing day we had on Sunday! The weather was perfect. Donna and Al were organized to a T! By the time I got there an hour early, everything was completely and beautifully set up and really there was nothing to do. Al kindly collected money and distributed raffle tickets with their friend Dave. Our 60-odd attendees donated a total of $235 which meant we could pay Chris Ishee who played beautifully and kindly let me sit in on the flute. (FYI – I’ll play at Upper Crust Eldorado this Friday 11/2 from 5:30-8:30  with guitarist singer Jim Harlan). After socking away a hundred for the next raffle, we will have $35 left over which is great. Thanks to all who came and brought amazing food and drink and who enjoyed this lovely party. Congrats to Gregory Frank Harris who sold two of his paintings at the event, included in the photos below. Thanks to Donna Boggins for going the extra mile and taking these shots.

Click the thumbnails to view:

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