Looking for a host, musician and artist!

Would you Like to Host a Savor Eldorado event?

Last month’s Savor Eldorado event at Brent Ault and Tom Boswell’s was amazing! We enjoyed local art, music and a house/garden full of over 40 neighbors getting to know each other. One guest won $125 worth of gift certificates in the raffle which earned enough for another $100 VISA gift card for the next event.

Our planned September host needs to focus on medical issues, so we’re looking for someone for Sunday 9/23 or 9/30, which gives us plenty of time to plan.

Would you like to host the next one? It’s really fun and you’ll have lots of help. Please call me, Hope Kiah, at 505-920-2256.

We are also looking for a local musician and artist, either of whom can use the forms on the website to apply. Let’s have fun!

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