RSVP Now for 10/28

Chris Ishee, Jazz Pianist

Gourd artist Donna Boggins Weissman and Al Weissman have kindly opened their home for our upcoming 10/28 event. They did so last year and it went beautifully. Their Steinway will be played by Eldorado’s own fabulous jazz pianist Chris Ishee. The featured artist will be Gregory Frank Harris, who is represented by Hunter Kirkland Contemporary Gallery. If the weather allows, the Weissman’s beautiful courtyard will be fully utilized. Otherwise, there is plenty of indoor space to enjoy. Please BYOB and finger food. Let’s have fun!

WHEN: Sunday, 10/28/2018 , 3 – 6 pm
WHERE: Donna Boggins Weissman and Al Weissman’s home in Eldorado. Directions will be sent to all who RSVP.
RAFFLE: Every $5 (suggested) donation at this event gets a raffle ticket, making you eligible to win  a $100 Visa Gift Card and/or a $50 gift certificate for a wash, cut and style with Gaby at Just Cuts hair salon in La Tienda Eldorado. The drawing will be held at about 5:30pm. Must be present to win. Once you RSVP, you will be given directions. We are looking for light help for the event. Interested? Contact Hope. ❤️

NOTE: This is a fun opportunity to collect Greg Harris’ smaller, affordable pieces including many of the portraits and En Plein Air landscapes shown here:



  • 11/18 – Evie Gauthier, host
  • 12/9 – Nicky Lambden, host
  • 1/20 – Elaine Kaiser, host
  • 2/24 – Judy and Bob Faust, hosts

A Few Pics from 9/23

What a sweet event. Thanks to: Susan Latham for hosting, Tracy Weaver for playing music, Rachel Arvio for showing her beautiful jewelry, and Elaine Kaiser & Cindy Weaver for helping. It’s wonderful when long-time Eldoradoans and newcomers get to know each other. How fun to build community.  All guests are welcome to send their photos to savorhope at


RSVP now for 9/23/2018

rachel arvio jewelry donation
Custom jewelry
by Rachel Arvio

Great news. Susan Latham has kindly offered her home and courtyard for the upcoming Savor Eldorado event on Sunday 9/23, from 3pm to 6pm. Her sculpture will be on display and we are featuring the jewelry of Rachel Arvio in the front entranceway as people walk in. Tracy Weaver will serenade us with background guitar music.


Every $5 (suggested) donation at this event gets a raffle ticket, making you eligible to win  a $100 Visa Gift Card and/or a $25 gift certificate to the Eldorado (not downtown)  Upper Crust Pizza, and/or your choice of one pair of Rachel Arvio’s custom earrings. The drawing will be held at about 5:30pm. Must be present to win. Once you RSVP, you will be given directions.

Please BYOB and finger food. Let’s have fun!


Save these Sundays 3-6 pm, and thanks to the hosts!

  • 10/28 – Donna Boggins
    • With Chris Ishee on piano!
    • Raffle with $100 VISA gift card and $50 hair styling voucher
  • 11/18 – Evie Gauthier
  • 12/16 – Nicky Lambden
  • 1/20 – Elaine Kaiser

More info soon!

Looking for a host, musician and artist!

Would you Like to Host a Savor Eldorado event?

Last month’s Savor Eldorado event at Brent Ault and Tom Boswell’s was amazing! We enjoyed local art, music and a house/garden full of over 40 neighbors getting to know each other. One guest won $125 worth of gift certificates in the raffle which earned enough for another $100 VISA gift card for the next event.

Our planned September host needs to focus on medical issues, so we’re looking for someone for Sunday 9/23 or 9/30, which gives us plenty of time to plan.

Would you like to host the next one? It’s really fun and you’ll have lots of help. Please call me, Hope Kiah, at 505-920-2256.

We are also looking for a local musician and artist, either of whom can use the forms on the website to apply. Let’s have fun!

Great Success!

What a wonderful evening we had on Sunday! The turnout was huge. Tom Boswell & Brent Ault were the perfect couple with the perfect home for a garden party. I was amazed at the setup in the courtyard, as well as all the prep and hosting they did all night. The $100 Visa Gift Card they donated for the raffle made a huge difference. This was their awesome idea and it helped to reboot Savor Eldorado beautifully. Thanks, guys!! I’m so glad the weather gods shined on us. It couldn’t have been better.

I appreciate very much Maggie Mae Beyeler who brought her porcelain earrings, and Jennifer Moore with her weavings. Both of them donated some of their work for the raffle. Please visit their websites. It was good to play flute with Joseph Salack, who loved the baby grand. Thanks to all the people who helped last night, including Marilyn & Lane Shaw, and Nelson Bonner who manned the reception desk and did the raffle. It was sweet to see the smile on Savor Eldorado founder Gila Joy Pascale‘s face as she enjoyed the success of “her baby.” A SPECIAL THANKS GOES TO DESTINY ALLISON FOR DONATING THE $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO UTOPIA.

We took in $335 dollars in donations!! Divvied up: $100 will pay for the next raffle’s gift Visa card, $100 goes to Joseph and me for last night’s music (It’s our goal to earn enough at each event to pay $100 for music), and I am gratefully reimbursing myself for this year’s website hosting (I donated the site design), and other incidentals. We are left with $44 for upcoming expenses. Wow. I didn’t expect to be in the black so quickly. Thanks so much to all of you who contributed.

It looks like we may have a host for September, so stay tuned! This means we’re looking for Eldorado musicians and artists, who are welcome to apply using the forms on the site.

PS: Our awesome pianist Joseph Salack will be accompanying singer/songwriter Nodiah Brent this Thursday 8/30/2016 at Starlight Lounge, 500 Rodeo Road (Montecito) from 6-9pm.